Every dog deserves a chance!!     

August 11 2015 we became the proud owners of Dexter, a dog with a handicap.
Dexter is missing a hind leg but is the sweetest dog in world. He can run like a hound dog and
is having much fun playing with other dogs.
We adopted Dexter trough the AAI  Foundation
What does the AAI Foundation do?
AAI tries to find good homes in the Netherlands for discarded and disowned dogs, mostly from Southern Europe, and has been doing so since 1994. AAI became an official foundation in 1997. Since then, through responsible rehoming, well over 1300 dogs have found their way to a good home in the Netherlands. During the dogs life AAI keeps in contact with the new owners and also takes care of rehoming the dogs again in case of problems; no dog that has been previously rehomed through AAI in the Netherlands ever goes to an animal shelter. All dogs remain legal property of AAI. 

Also AAI helps the local Humane Societies and animal rescue groups in Southern Europe by financing neutering projects and by providing medication and parasitic remedies for the rescued dogs, as well as supporting education campaigns abroad. AAI especially tries to stimulate dog owners in these countries to neuter their own animals, since these kept dogs and cats are the main cause of the many unwanted stray animals because they reproduce when left unneutered.
It's more important to have the animals wth owners neutered, then the stray animals since the stray animals mostly don't live long enough to reproduce.
Furthermore ...
AAI is becoming more and more involved in the fate of luckless dogs here as in the Netherlands  It mostly concerns dogs that are not suitable for the regular Dutch shelters. 
For instance; dogs that are too old or that are handicapped. Dogs like that have little chance in a shelter and often AAI is then asked for help in finding a good home, as these dogs don't do well in kennels (AAI doesn't use kennels or a shelter but has foster families that take the dog in their own home until a permanent home is found). You will therefore also find Dutch dogs on our website. 

Every dog deserves a chance. In the opinion of the AAI-volunteers there should be no borders or boundaries in the world where animal rescue is concerned!
Become a benefactor!  Your financial support is much needed! 
The AAI Foundation is a non-profit organisation and works with volunteers only. AAI is completely dependent on your donations and gifts. As we want to remain a foundation that does not waste any money on unnecessary overheads, our policy is geared towards the direct and honest allocation of all donati
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