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Add the old image-mirror options to the menu of PSP  14 & 15


In PSP 14 & 15 there is no option for Image - Mirror & Image -  Flip. There is a new option ( Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical) but this does not give the same result except when the tube/image covers the whole image from side to side.

With this tutorial  you can add the old option for  "Image Mirror and Image - Flip"  to the Image Menu of PSP 14 & 15



Therefore you need to create a PSP script , Bind it and add it to the Image Menu

We start with Image - Flip:


Open PSP 14 or 15

Make sure you have the script tool bar visible


View - Toolbars - Check Scripts




Open a new transparent image of 300 x 300 PX.

Selection tool - Make a small rectangle selection at the left of the image and fill it with any color.

Selections - Select None



Script tool bar - click on : Start Script Recording:



Image - Flip Vertical

Script Tool Bar - click on Save Script Recording,

Save it to the Script Restricted Folder of PSP and name it: Flip Original (or a name of choice)



Now go to the Scripts Restricted folder of PSP (Usually in> C > Users - My Documents - PSP 15 - Scripts-Restricted.

Click with your right mouse button on - Open with Note Pad ( or a script editing progam)

Go to this part of the script:

Now change True after TransformLocally into False":


Click on Save, you can close the notepad down.



Back to PSP

Go to View - Customize:

Tab - Scripts

Look for the Flip - Original Script and click on Bind

Under Bound Script you now see the flip original script ( I already have mirror)

Keep this open and go to:

Image - and when the menu is open click on the Bounded Flip Original script, hold down your right mouse button and drag the  script to the Image Menu

You will have this now: ( I already have Mirror too)

Go back to the transparent image and try out the new icon. It should work as in previous PSP versions now.

For Image - Mirror, just do the same from point 2 and call it Mirror Original


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