This is a group for advanced PSP users only. Only members with PSP X5 and higher can join. This is NOT a learning group!

Here you can show all the PSP results you want to share from any site you wish, but always with a link to the tutorial so others can make them also. Results and links to paid sites are NOT ALLOWED this is frustrating for those who can't afford it.

We are an English speaking group, if you are more comfortable with tutorials in your own language that's fine, just add your message in English so that we can all keep in touch.

We do not allow any scripts, all results have to be send in a plain mail with a white or coloured background. NO INCREDIMAIL!!!

No Mail setting is not allowed, you want others to look at your work so it is only fair if you look at the results from others. ( there is always the delete key) If you need to go on No Mail for a good reason please let the moderators know so you will not be removed from the group.

So if you are an advanced PSP user with PSP X5 version or higher ( group is only for the newer versions) you are welcome to join us by filling in our application form. HERE

After we have received your form we will send you an invitation to the group. Please note that it can take a couple of hours, we are from Europe and maybe in another time zone than you are in.


Chris and Anya


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