Welcome to Advanced PSP Users Gallery, a PSP group for Advanced PSP users only and for PSP X5 AND higher. We are hosted at Google Groups

Here you can send results from tutorials you have done from the ASDwebdesigns website or from the World Wide Web. We are not a learning group. So please do not ask for help in the group. To help you we also have changing suggestions for you on this site.

You may share the links in any language but the main groups language is English, because we have members from all over the world , any other in your mails is not allowed.

Please always include the link to the tutorial and give credit to the writers.

We do NOT allow stationery's from any kind and no INCREDI MAIL. Simply because they do not work for everybody. You may send your results in a plain mail with a white or coloured background.

No mail settings are not allowed, if you want your work to be seen, you also should look at other's work and if not there is always the delete key on your keyboard. If you need to go on NO Mail for vacation or other important reason let the moderators know so they will not remove you from the group.

Comments on each other work is appreciated but keep it nice, to lessen the mail to the group answers go to sender.

If all above is not holding you back you can subscribe to our group by filling in the form HERE.

We will send you an invitation as soon as possible but mind we are from Europe so we can be in a different time zone then you are in.

Anya & Chris


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